Put your financing programs in the fast lane and frustrations aside

Streamline your process to run 76% more applications, resulting in more approvals and happier customers.

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Here’s how you can process finance applications 95% faster with FormPiper

Step 1

The FormPiper Way:

Your customer fills out a single finance application - either via your website or in-store using a store device or their mobile phone.

Eliminate duplicate data entry with offering multiple options.

Usual Way:

With each rejected application, another form has to be filled out, and the customer and sales associate become more frustrated.

Step 2

The FormPiper Way:

Your sales associate or managed services processor selects the most appropriate options from your preferred range of prime, near-prime, sub-prime and no-credit-check lenders and pushes ‘go’.

FormPiper automatically opens browser tabs for each selected lender.

Usual Way:

The sales associate manually processes applications with each lender one-by-one, growing increasingly concerned about the time they’re spending that may not result in a sale or a commission.

Step 3

The FormPiper Way:

With each application already pre-populated, each one is submitted until you get the approval needed to close the sale.

Ensure all financing options are considered to increase approvals.

Usual Way:

Your customer becomes increasingly embarrassed and walks out, never to return again. Meanwhile, your sales associate vows never to spend time on credit-challenged customers.

Business Impact:

Increase processed finance applications by 76%

Process finance applications 95% faster

Grow revenue and get 20% more financed sales

Create positive customer experience

Extract more value from marketing and advertising

Case Studies

Proven results with FormPiper

Here’s how we’ve already helped retailers.

Case Study 1

76% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Case Study 2

135% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Case Study 3

125% more retail finance applications with FormPiper

Data gathered across 180 locations from 2019-2020

*Please note that because of a non-disclosure agreement, we cannot share the name or industry of this case study.

FormPiper champions organizations of all sizes:

Single Locations

Multi Locations

Franchise Groups


Buying Groups

Options to get started

There are two primary offerings, depending on the level of service you desire.

Option 1:
Managed Services

Customer financing has never been simpler and more convenient. We complete the entire financing process, from application to funding.

Option 2:

Keep the financing process in-house. You work with your customers to complete applications and contracts.


We've got answers - here are some common ones.

What is FormPiper and how does it work?

Filling out multiple forms for lender applications can get pretty tedious so we built FormPiper. What it allows you to do is to auto-fill all of those lending applications by simply completing just one form.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, there’s no contract. You can cancel at any time.

Why do I need FormPiper?

FormPiper not only saves you time from having to fill in the same customer information more than once, but it also ensures that each of your lenders is considered so that all of your customers get the best offer possible.

What is needed in order to use FormPiper in my stores?

FormPiper is compatible with Macs and PCs. FormPiper does require internet access and at least one 64-bit computer.

What lenders does FormPiper work with?

FormPiper integrates with any online lending application. If we don't have one of your lenders, we can easily add them for you.

Are there any setup fees?

No, there are no setup fees.